We are now drawn into our Heart – away from the illusion

CIMG9852 (2)Whatever level  we are on in our awakening process, we are drawn more and more into the heart – the Source . No one gets away – everything falls into place like dominoes giving up in an endless movement – towards life – the true Life. It’s like endless gear that clicks into the correct position to start the real true Life .

Whilst those who still cling to the exterior and fear, yet creates events ”out there” as  ”evidence” that the world still is ”evil.” When people are giving up their fear – creates no longer any external manifestations to ”prove ” this. Everything is created illusions. And when the Light is so strong , the outer darkness manifestations becomes properly visible , dark and absurd . The solution is of course to let go of fear – the illusion – and meet / listen to all our inner voices and feelings. This is where the fear and the outer ”bad” has its root .

But many many people now dragged into their hearts – are at the same time pulled away from all external connections. And it can be felt very strange – sadly – to let go of all bonds in the outer . But it is quite in order . We can not – when we rise/inwards our true Self, have something/someone that bind us firmly in the exterior. Because if so, we do not find Our entire I – our true Self . What we are and have been beyond and before we went into the illusion game.

CIMG9957It is not dangerous to release all dependent band – there is no ”escape from life ” –  just the opposite. But we are still in the process of transformation , so we can not really know, imaging and appreciate all the good that awaits us. But we find in the meantime an ever more intimate contact with ourselves and Life’s greatness. We are becoming more sentient beings and thus more and more vivid.

It is at the same time  – a great grieving process – to say goodbye to all that old World. There is nothing we shall get caught up in , but also not shy away from knowing . So, to open our hearts also means that we meet all the sorrows that have been in the way of the full opening . There are many ”near death experiences” in the process – before our New Birth. But – The real Life is not dangerous! The more we think and feel from our heart – the more clearly we realize that we are always cared for. By our Higher Self that is in straight connection with Source.

Every continued search in the outer or in the ”wrong” direction gives automatically disappointment and sadness. However, there are gifts in this external seeking – we learn what we do not want – so we can get closer and closer to what our heart wants .. But the results will come almost immediately now , for energies and Light presses on – for purification of everything old .

Nothing is or might be wrong – everything is in perfect order – it is pure cosmic mathematics – or pure love behind what is happening. All the nooks of slavery, limited life and heartache illuminated – sadness , disappointment, anger , etc. occurs when we realize what we agreed to and how we prevented ourselves to feel loved. But on the Soul level we all agreed to first play this game, so all the anger and disappointment first and foremost hit ourselves – so we have to let go , after the emotion is felt. Neutralize and instead feel the love welling up beneath all this. All this sorrows shall be drawn through the Heart Love – the dimension of Christ – to be healed.


Om Gunilla Solara Rundby

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