A different frequency

My Spirit reminds me that the New World is born at a different frequency, with completely different vibration patterns, other feelings, other emotions and thoughts. And that the Old World feels heavy when its lower energies yet draws us in part down. (To pick up and complete the old cycle). So we can not imagine the New with the help of some old mental and emotional patterns. We can not be related to something old – no old pictures of happiness can be re-created. Our future happiness is based on a completely different experience design – to us unknown.

We can only live our way through – like a vibrating, pulsating power – a powerstream that rumble – but at the same time infinitely still and silent, present in our own focus in our hearts and allow ourselves to be included in this new. And we can not ask much more of ourselves. We must simply surrender ourselves – our Spirit is the one who controls everything and always knows what is best for us. The most  happenings occurs within us – for us fully awake.  An expansion and liberation of our inner Universe as well as the outer.

I feel at the same time that we actually are MANY who deliberately want to work for a better world – even if the immediate surroundings are not so visible awakened. We are scattered all over the place to transform our surroundings


Om Gunilla Solara Rundby

Gunilla Solara Rundby - I AM ONE - a Wayshower into the New World -- * Om du vill köpa min bok - 380 sidor - meddela här i kommentarsfältet - Nu pris 100:- plus porto.
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