A perfect day

In spite of not feeling the utmost happiness – the new energies must first be the new normal and it is still lots of turmoil within – but inspite of that, everything is totally perfect just NOW. The Sun is warm – I can eat my icecream in one of my chairs outdoors and eat an orange in another chair in my little ”garden”. I can arrange the back of the chair just as I want to, to eat my orange. The flower Forget me not –  shines with their utmost light blue colour.The birds are singing beautiful in praise for Life. And in the background Mozart uplifts with his menuetts . Nothing to yearn for – Everything is just HERE AND NOW. I am floating on the wave of Now into the Future.

Life is all there is

Mozart menuettes … http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D50BE5A2C32827FB


Om Gunilla Solara Rundby

Gunilla Solara Rundby - I AM ONE - a Wayshower into the New World -- * Om du vill köpa min bok - 380 sidor - meddela här i kommentarsfältet - Nu pris 100:- plus porto.
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