The old World is crumbling down

All structures of the old society, all institutions, all the Earthly laws will be dissolved. All common sense will be dissolved. There will be nothing to lean or trust on in the outer World. People will be forced to just Surrender – and by that find their security and support within themselfs. Because everything we thought were real and truth and what life is about – is an ILLUSION.  The Truth is that we create everything in our life and the World, from within ourselfs. Through our thoughts, emotions and our believesystem. Programmed since childhood and many lifetimes before. But it is NOT THE TRUTH!

But if you already have chosen to follow your Spirit – your inner voice, your own will, this transition phase will go rather smoothly. The most important is to take time to really listen to yourself, to be in silence – without any disturbance. No books, TV or music that takes you away from the real you, No ”old memory music” and other things that distracts. – This is, if you really want to take responsibility for yourself and your transition into the New World. It is up to you if you will make it smoothly or by big dramas etc.

A certain amount of enlightenment and disclosures is necessary, because there are so much hidden and denied things in our World. And much hypocrisy is ruling. The old religious way is to judge yourself and others. But when we have told our truth enough, and has NO fears left about that – it is time to let go – of the old Drama. Let go of the eventually religious struggle and such things  As Abraham-Hicks sais:

”God/Goddess/Source doesn’t take ANYBODYS side!”

The Source-energy just follows what we focus upon. If we believe in strugggle – Source will give us more and more to struggle against. Or if you believe in poverty and not worthy of abundance and/or that you must struggle and force yourself to get money – the Source will send you such circumstances of struggle.

Only when we start focus on what we DO want to have in our lifes – can the Source energy go to that and support that. All thoughts about struggle, obstacles and forced manner will block the good to come to you.

By focusing on what we DO want in our lifes and the World to become – the bad things will be dissolved – because it gets less and less energy. The ”bad” is fueld by the protests and struggles.

Through enlightenment and speaking our truth and showing ourselfs without any masks (so our fears about that can be healed) – to let go, and focus on what we DO want!

LOVE AND FORGIVE YOURSELF -for everything you have done or not done!


Om Gunilla Solara Rundby

Gunilla Solara Rundby - I AM ONE - a Wayshower into the New World -- * Om du vill köpa min bok - 380 sidor - meddela här i kommentarsfältet - Nu pris 100:- plus porto.
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