The Love behind Everything

There is ONLY Love behind everything that happens in the World and in our personal lifes. Everything that people signify as bad and evil is our pesonal Spirit and the Universal Spirit that wants us to awaken from the nightmare of illusion. Spirit wants to unmask, undress and disarm us. Wants us to leave all the surface and take us in to our real True Self. Take us in to our inner precious Child, who is waiting within and wants us to be real parents and take care of ourselfs. Wants us to stop force ourselfs to do what we don’t want to. And to choose environment and experiences that even a Child can enjoy. All diseases are the Spirit/body telling us that something is wrong in our thinking about ourselfs. That we don’t really love, respect or value ourself enough. –

There are NO real evil forces – only Spirit who wants to strip of all the illusion in the World. – Because it is  Time for that now – it shouldn’t last forever, only to a certain point. But LOTS of happenings and emotions has been buried and it must come to the surface to be illuminated and healed. IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE – Love within everything and behind.

Om Gunilla Solara Rundby

Gunilla Solara Rundby - I AM ONE - a Wayshower into the New World -- * Om du vill köpa min bok - 380 sidor - meddela här i kommentarsfältet - Nu pris 100:- plus porto.
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